Whether you’re after a one-off sparky or one to be on call, Jafs Electrical can help. We look after a broad range of business services from sorting out lighting and data to testing and tagging. We’ve got all your industrial, commercial or residential electrical needs covered.

Our expert team can take any concept for any business including an office space, warehouse or retail store and ensure that all electrical aspects fulfil your needs. All projects are delivered in a professional manner and using the latest technology and top-notch quality control.

Did you know that all electrical appliances in the workplace should have regular safety inspections (test and tag) completed from anywhere between 3 months and 5 years. This is dependent on the application and environment the appliance is used. We’re experts at testing and tagging, and can keep record of when you’re next due, so you don’t need to worry.

We understand that maintenance is also important for our business clients and we can deliver high-quality electrical building upkeep. This will ensure safety as well as reduce the risk of incurring a larger cost issue in the future.

Our commercial and industrial services include, but aren’t limited to::

  • Testing and tagging on appliances and workplace goods
  • Security systems such as CCTV and automatic gates
  • Light planning and installation
  • Regular maintenance

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