Stay Comfortable Throughout the Year with the Best Heat Pump Services in Christchurch

Are you worried about the quality, replacement, repair, or maintenance of heat pumps? Jafs Electrical can help you out instantly.

If your heat pump is already installed, we can service it to ensure it’s working correctly and efficiently. A heat pump is a significant investment, so we recommend regular servicing and maintenance. Whether new or older, we can provide a service to ensure everything is in good working order and give the machine a proper clean.

The maintenance we provide is preventative to help you maximize the life of your machine. By maintaining your heat pumps, we at Jafs Electrical a heat pump repairs and service Christchurch can give early warning for potential future problems and maximize efficiency. The frequency of servicing will entirely depend on how often the unit is used, its demands, and the conditions it is exposed to – we can give you advice based on several factors.

If your heat pump is in a commercial environment, it may be crucial to running your operation. To avoid discomfort and disruption, we can review your business, listen to your needs, create a bespoke plan that fits your schedule, and ensure everything continues to run year-round.

Our specialist technicians can check issues from leaking to not working and rectify the problem. We’ll keep you informed at every stage of the process and help you make the best decision for you. Contact the Jafs Electrical Christchurch heat pump service team today to discuss your heat pump’s best servicing and maintenance options.

  • We will help you reduce your carbon footprint and boost energy efficiency
  • Our team at Jafs Electrical, experts at heat pump services Christchurch, can help complement existing systems
  • A regularly serviced heat pump helps lower energy costs
  • Our team of experts can replace existing heat pumps with unified solutions
  • Regular maintenance to ensure that you won’t face any significant and costly issues with heat pumps

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How can we help as the local Christchurch heat pump repairs and service?

Our team inspects the
condensation unit

We test thermostat operation and verify correct electric control

Inspect wear and tightness
in the belts



Frequently Asked Questions

Jafs Electrical, the Christchurch heat pump service experts, will clean the indoor unit thoroughly, including technical parts. Our skilled technicians can check all the devices and keep track of any issues that may occur.

If you want optimal and fast performance, we recommend servicing the heat pump at least once a year. Preferably before the colder months for optimal heat. Jafs Electrical, as a Christchurch heat pump repairs and service provider, ensures that there are no leaves, dust, or any other material that can automatically decrease performance.

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