We can do anything to do with a new build from setting up the builders on site with temporary power to design and installation with walk throughs and plans provided. We are a one stop shop – we can do electrical, data, heating, automation, alarms, entertainment and more.

We have trained and professional Electrician. Our team can install security cameras, lighting, alarms and automatic gates. We know that safety and peace of mind is key in protecting your home and business and can work out what the best option is based on your needs and wants.

We can also install exterior lighting from garden to feature lighting and have a broad range of knowledge on the options available. You can have a classy look of up/down lights on your exterior wall, or something snazzy and colourful to light up your garden or favourite tree.

Jafs’ team can also upgrade your LED lighting. There’s a number of reasons for upgrading LED lighting including safety and efficiency. LED is the way to go – they can be up to 90% more efficient than your existing lighting, which means a cheaper power bill and next to no maintenance costs in replacing lamps. It certainly doesn’t take long for LEDs to pay themselves off. We can also alter your shelving to install LED strip lighting, or even under your bench to gain a warm and simple or bright and colourful vibe. No idea is silly – get in touch with your thoughts today and we can advise on the best option.

Whilst we’re here to help and give professional advice and recommendations, we are also more than happy to do whatever it is that you require and prefer.


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