Once we’ve installed your new system, or if you have an existing system, we can service and maintain it for you. Regular servicing and maintenance will result in a smoother running system, continued improved air quality, lower running costs and less likelihood of running in to problems in the future.

The servicing and maintenance that we offer includes checking and if needed changing of air intake screens, which are an important part of filtering out unclean air. We will also test the exhaust fans, check for mould and pests in and around the unit, among other services.

Our team can reveal any issues that may arise in the future by comparing the system performance with norms and info gathered at the inspection. We can also provide a plan for regular maintenance and servicing that will protect your product. Ventilation systems can sometimes fail and go undetected, our team is trained in picking up these issues.

We can repair any issues that may arise and recommend a solution, whether it be parts replacement or an upgrade. We also focus on HRV and DVS System repair as per your need. We’ll be transparent from the beginning and try and come up with a solution that best suits your circumstances.

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