Ventilation is key to keeping your home healthy. It reduces excess moisture, condensation, stale air and the negative effects of these. Dampness is sometimes not visible and can contribute to allergies and illness in your home. Many New Zealand homes have problems associated with excess internal moisture, but it can be easily solved with good ventilation expertly installed. From extraction to fresh air, we can design and install any system that’s required to suit any home or business. Do you have a problem with moisture? We can solve this using positive air pressure systems or energy recovery systems depending on your budget and requirements. We also provide HRV and DVS System.

Some of the benefits of home ventilation include a home that is easier to heat – drier air takes less energy and time to heat up, making running your heat pump more efficient and help make you feel more comfortable. Stale damp air gets pushed out, too, so allergy sufferers can rejoice knowing that the air circulating is filtered and fresh. Mould and moisture issues on the inside of your windows can be a thing of the past!

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